Towards Shared Space

Category: Publications Publication: Urban Design International Author: Ben Hamilton-Baillie This peer-reviewed paper was published in Summer 2008, and outlines the background and principles [...]

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Crossing the Road in Britain, 1931-1976

Category: Publications Publication: The Historical Journal (2006) Author: Joe Moran, Liverpool John Moores University This excellent study of the mundane, but essential, act of crossing the road [...]

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Risk Theory Handbook

Category: Publications Publication: Draft update (25/11/2010) Author: Professor John Adams Managing transport risks: what works? “What does a transport safety regulator have in common with [...]

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Taking back our streets

Category: Publications Publication: University of California, Berkeley, Masters of City Planning Author: Sarah Saviskas A comprehensive study of the development and application of shared space [...]

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Villages and Rural Traffic

Category: Publication Publication: Traffic in Villages – A Toolkit for Communities Author: Dorset AONB Partnership and Ben Hamilton-Baillie This handbook introduces best practice and [...]

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