Towards Shared Space

Category: Publications Publication: Urban Design International Author: Ben Hamilton-Baillie This peer-reviewed paper was published in Summer 2008, and outlines the background and principles [...]

Challenging Assumptions

Category: Publications Publication: Urban Design Quarterly Author: Ben Hamilton-Baillie This polemic for Urban Design Quarterly questions some of the familiar features of urban streets and [...]

Crossing the Road in Britain, 1931-1976

Category: Publications Publication: The Historical Journal (2006) Author: Joe Moran, Liverpool John Moores University This excellent study of the mundane, but essential, act of crossing the road [...]

Tom Vanderbilt’s excellent analysis of driving and driver behaviour

Category: Publications Publication: Traffic – Why we drive the way we do Author: Tom Vanderbilt This is a fascinating and well informed study of recent science and observations about [...]

Pedestrian Guardrails

Category: Publications Publication: Transportation Professional Author: Ben Hamilton-Baillie – Dr. Doug Stewart The IHT’s magazine requested contributions from current practicioners [...]

Risk Compensation and the Paradox of Safety

Category: Publications Publication: How to Live Dangerously Author: Warwick Cairns This excellent book by Warwick Cairns explains the principles of risk compensation and the paradoxes of safety. [...]

Rip out the traffic lights and railings

Category: Media Articles Publication: The Guardian Author: Simon Jenkins Simon Jenkins argues that drivers negotiating shared space with other street users reduces traffic and road accidents. [...]

Obituary – Hans Monderman

Category: Media Articles Publication: The Guardian Author: Ben Hamilton-Baillie The Guardian newspaper’s obituary was one among many to recognize the remarkable contribution of Hans [...]

Signal Failure

Category: Media Articles Publication: Time Magazine Author: Michael Brunton Michael Brunton, reporter for TIME magazine, considers the legacy of Hans Monderman to improving streetscapes in [...]

The case against traffic lights

Category: Media Articles Publication: BBC2 Newsnight Author: Martin Cassini “The case against traffic lights”. BBC Newsnight screened a piece by Martin Cassini on Monday 14th January [...]

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